In honor of the a AWESOME ANNOUNCEMENT I made yesterday, I thought it'd be fitting if this week's term was…


Oooo scary, right!?

Actually a ghost light is the opposite of scary! Here's the Wikipedia definition.

A ghost light is an electric light that is left energized on the stage of a theater when the theater is unoccupied and would otherwise be completely dark. It typically consists of an exposed incandescent bulb, CFL lamp, or LED lamp mounted in a wire cage on a portable light stand.

In every theater, the ghost light stands on the stage alone at the end of the night. A dark empty theater can be pretty spooky, but the ghost light ensures that you'll always have some visibility.

My voice coach Andrew told me about this ghost light video on the TDF Theater Dictionary and it is SO GREAT.

[leadplayer_vid id=”539760971DC6F”]

So… now you know! And… if you missed our big announcement yesterday, here's the info! 

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