Did you hear about the random Kristin Chenowith fan who was pulled up on stage and asked to sing “For Good” at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend? She turned out to be a Southern California Voice Teacher named Sarah Horn and gave a pretty stellar rendition of this well known song from the Broadway show Wicked. You can see and hear the magic happen in this video.

What I think is most awesome about this is that this gal was clearly ready for this moment and she jumped on it. According to her recount of the evening on Broadway World http://www.broadwayworld.com/article/In-Her-Own-Words-Sarah-Horn-Shares-Inspirational-Story-of-Singing-with-Kristin-Chenoweth-at-the-Hollywood-Bowl-and-Going-Viral-20130825Ms. Chenoweth asked another audience member if she knew the song and she replied “No.” So, Ms. Horn leapt up and said “I know it!” And… clearly she did! What a great example to set for her students!

I hope she rides this little boost to even more awesomeness. Sarah Horn is currently a voice teacher at  California Baptist University and Riverside Youth Theatre.

Have you ever been brave enough to jump at a once in a lifetime chance? How did it pay off?

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